Jennifer Griffin

Research & Engagement Director

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I joined Hyjan in January 2013 as Hyjan’s first employee. I was originally the office manager but quickly progressed as they expanded the company. I now work as joint research lead and have my own office in Derbyshire. I work closely with the callers and other researchers to build relationships with potential sellers, solicitors, Executors, probate managers etc. In 2019 we hired my sister Lillie (who had just graduated uni) to be my administrative assistant. It’s great working alongside Lillie as we’re not only sisters but best friends.

Our other best friend is Lola my 6 year old French bulldog, who spends the day in the office with us sleeping, snoring loudly & protecting us from the postman. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, going out for meals with my partner, cocktail brunches with the girls, yoga classes and of course, long walks with Lola.

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