The majority of properties we buy are only suitable for a cash buyer, are riddled with issues, sometimes the seller just wants closure or we just take a long-term view and look to add value from development.

Release of deposits for Inheritance Tax reasons

In some instances and only necessary in Probate matters, an Executor or Administrator will need to pay the Inheritance Tax or in part. We can assist if necessary by advancing the deposit from an exchange of contracts normally 10% of the purchase price which has on many occasions been useful to Estates.

Locate missing heirs or estranged family members

As an additional string to our bow, we offer a complimentary tracing service, this is used to locate missing heirs (beneficiaries of Estates) or Estranged family members, this can often save an Estate thousands of pounds or reunite family. Reuniting family is a passion of ours, although we appreciate it can be very sensitive at times.

Asset reunification reunites people with their unclaimed assets

Unclaimed assets could be anything from stocks and shares, funds in a bank, pensions and even property. It is not uncommon for people or Estates to forget these assets and as such they remain unclaimed, we aim to reunite the rightful owner to their lost asset.